Standardized plant extracts


Other names: Sulforaphane, sulforaphane powder, Broccoli extract, Broccoli seed extract, Broccoli sprout extract, Broccoli powder,

Origin of plant:Natural broccoli, Broccoli seeds, Broccoli sprouts

Extraction solvent: Water and ethyl alcohol

Item no.: SFN-010P

Active ingredient: Sulforaphane 

Product standard: Sulforaphane 1% powder, customizing available

Appearance: Light yellow powder

CAS No.: 142825-10-3

Test method: HPLC

Product features:

1. Raw material from our own broccoli plantation.

2. Different Sulforaphane content from 0.1% to 98%, and 98% already the highest for industrial production and laboratory nowadays.


widely used for Health care products, pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals, dietary supplement, functional food, drinks & beverage, cosmeceuticals etc.

1. Health care products: soft capsule, hard capsule, tablet and other dosage forms;

2. Nutriceuticals, dietary supplement, Functional food, drinks & beverage;

Packing: 1kg/plastic bottle, 5kg/aluminum foil bag, 25kg/drum

Storage Condition: Sealed container, cool and dry, avoiding light and heat, keeping away from water. Suggest it’s stored under -20℃ for long term storage 

We’re manufacturer in China supply natural Brassica oleracea, Brassica oleracea extract, Brassica oleracea powder,

Sulforaphane, sulforaphane powder, sulforaphane liquid, L sulforaphane, L sulforaphane powder,

Glucoraphanin, Glucoraphanin powder,

Broccoli powder, broccoli extract, broccoli sprout powder, broccoli sprout extract, broccoli extract powder, broccoli seed powder, broccoli seed extract.

with raw material from own plantation and patented production line.

Welcome visit our factory in Jiangxi, China.

More products and details, please contact us. We provide customized service for customer!

For need buying broccoli powder or ratio products, our factory help tailor solution for your need.

Normal production line and dust free workshop for ref.:

Raw material/Own plantation:

Be free to contact us for more details and quote.

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Broccoli Seed Extract

> Standardized plant extracts

Functional Activity:Sulforaphane 1%-95%

Product name:Anti-cancer

Specification:Sulforaphane 1%-95%

Raw material:Broccoli, Broccoli??seeds, Broccoli sprouts

Appearance:Powder, oil liquid

Item No.:

Feature:Patent production, 0.1%-95%, Customizing available

Applicaton:Health care products

INCI Name:

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