Standardized plant extracts


Origin of plant: Ginseng root, Ginseng stem and leaf

Active ingredients: Panaxoside

Appearance: Brown-yellow powder

Content/Assay: Panaxoside 80% (extracted from stem and leaf)

                           Panaxoside 10%, 20%(extracted from root)

Test method: UV

Application: food, health care products, solid drinks

Packing: 5KG/aluminum foil bag, 25KG/drum

Storage Condition: avoiding sunshine, Sealed storage,normal temperature preservation

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Ginseng Extract / Ginsenoside

> Standardized plant extracts

Functional Activity:

Product name:Ginseng Extract


Raw material:Root,Leaf

Appearance:Brown powder

Item No.:XYS-800P


Applicaton:Health care products

INCI Name:

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